A Memory’s Perfume

Southern By Design

18n2xdr9o8rfljpgThe first thing I think of when I read the word scent is how much smells bring back memories for me. I am also very drawn to certain smells, but that is a piece for another day. Whether cooking, cleaning or just randomly, many times I’m taken in when an aroma passes my nose. 

When I smell crayons, yes crayons, I have so many reminiscent moments of childhood. My mom sitting at the table coloring with me and then being a mom myself and coloring with my own kids. Either way, these are very happy memories for me, warming my heart. 

When I smell cut grass, I delight in the feeling of summer. This is probably one of my favorite scents, along with sunblock. Then, of course, there is also the ocean. Sometimes a pungent odor when the tide is out, but all the same it is a scent that…

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