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Nuremberg is a sweet little German town, surrounded by an old city gate and a few rivers. Perhaps I shouldn’t say little because it happens to be the second largest city in Bavaria, just after Munich.

It dates back to the Middle Ages, 1050 to be exact. It’s been ravaged by the plague and home to much cultural growth during the Renaissance. Nuremberg was a hot spot during WWII, and almost completely bombed to smithereens. You may also remember it as the home of the Nuremberg Trials, where German officials were charged with their crimes against humanity.

To this day, it is known as an industrial city, with many goods to offer with a hint of old world charm. Their technological output ranges from handmade toys to great feats of engineering.

If you find yourself there, make sure to grab a few of the traditional Nürnberger Bratwurst. And don’t forget, it always pairs…

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