Curitiba’s “Eye”

Wanderlust and Wonderment

November 15, 2016

We had a busy day today.  Eliane was determined to do as much as possible in the morning because it wasn’t supposed to rain until afternoon.

We got a later start than she would have liked but finally were on our way to the Olho (Eye), the nickname for the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON). The structure of this museum is very interesting, with many of the exhibits actually partially underground.

20161115_111353 The Oscar Niemeyer Museum is shaped like an eye.

132_3804 This model of Oscar Niemeyer’s design for the museum shows the entire campus. Most of the exhibits are in the low rectangular building behind the “Eye”.


Purple cow:

Modern furniture exhibit:

The most interesting exhibits that we saw were:

The paintings that the politicians involved in the Lava-jato scandal bought, including a Miró, to “hide” the money they were embezzling in works of art which they planned to…

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