It’s All About You…….

Whitney Ibe Blog!...Always With You


Of all the things you have done,
Of all the things that you have going on,
Of all the prayers, petitions, pleas, request you receive on a daily basis,
You’ve never stopped thinking about me!


You’ve never stopped telling me how beautiful I am,
How much you love me,
It beats me that you can desire some one like me,
Care for me and worry about me,
You placed so much value on me,
And made me just like you!


When am sad, your are sad.
When am down, you leave everything else and pick me up,
When I smile, you smile.
When I cry in pain from hurts, you ROAR, and everything that was wrong,falls back in place,
Like nothing ever happened.

You are the air I breathe,
The essence of my being,
Every being, nature, sing of your greatness,
In you there is peace, grace, favour, and joy…

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