Someone called ‘The Necromancer’ is on the line, and they say it’s really important

Bill Pearse

sauron-e1348474315182The smartphone moved with him from room to room as a torch in a dark and threatening castle, everything outside its light potentially harmful. And in public places where people otherwise had the chance to connect now they didn’t, they interacted instead with what or whomever else they chose, the opportunity for non-curated moments negated. The same at bars: how men bent into their screens in an almost sexual manner, thumbing the surface with the same blank-faced look as actors in pornographic films with no dialogue. He saw it in the kids, too. How they slipped out when they slipped in. But how much easier it was to parent them, it freed him up to do other things. And you could always threaten to take it away.

The smartphone got put back in his pocket for good measure and he was good about keeping it charged. In the car he…

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