A Day in South Beach

for the love of nike

If you have 24 hours to kill in Miami, here’s a few suggestions around South Beach:

  • Take a dip in the ocean along the 4 miles of beach.
  • Kill two birds with one stone, grab brunch and watch a drag show at the same time at The Palace.
  • Stroll along Ocean Drive to take in the weirdness and the entertainers. We stopped in at Ocean’s Ten and really enjoyed the band. They only have 2 stars on yelp, but it really was a blast.
  • As you walk Ocean Drive, get a load of the Art Deco buildings. In the 1930s, Miami was hit hard by the architectural revolution and the result is beautiful.
  • Dip into the pool at Freehand Hotel. This hotel/hostel has a public pool, so you’re welcome to swim, layout, or enjoy the bar even if you’re not staying there. They also serve some great tea in…

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