Midnight seduction


Midnight seduction

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Midnight seduction

I’m sitting alone in the darkness of the tavern in Austin, Texas and I saw her.
Alone and holding the whisky glass so tightly.
Soft tears falling down her beautiful face slowly and blue eyes turning gray with deep sadness and memory.
A Chris Stapleton song “Tennessee whiskey” begin to play and you get-up and dance alone.

I write  in my journal.

“White words, black words, liar’s words and the liar’s prayer.
We are just left-over memory.
Swimming in velvet and silk memory.
I saw you with flowing tears and a face of desperation, sadness and loneliness.
I want to go to you.
To tell you.
Please smile for me.
I want to see your beautiful face.
I want to paint your life with some laughter,
make you smile and to see  those blue eyes.
Shine with joy and…

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