Week 4 of Donald Trump’s Presidency: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.published December 11, 2016https://medium.com/@Amy_Siskind/week-4-experts-in-authoritarianism-advise-to-keep-a-list-of-things-subtly-changing-around-you-so-af7592406a94#.wjymjly85

This was the week of Trump silencing dissent:

– the arts (comedy) — a tweet attacking Baldwin, and calling SNL “unwatchable.”

– corporate America — Trump sent a false tweet about the cost of Air Force One after Boeing’s CEO spoke out against starting a trade war with China. Boeing stock cratered.

– private citizens — Trump’s tweet at union leader Chuck Jones, after Jones spoke out on the Carrier deal, led to death threats against Jones.

– protest march — Trump tried to squash the Million Women March by changing permitting. A new location was found.

– Variety reported that Trump will continue in his role as Executive Producer of Celebrity Apprentice. 2 days later, Trump called it “fake news” and blamed CNN.

– NBC, host of Celebrity Apprentice…

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