Inspiring Pictures for Writers – diving into fable and fantasy



Not into fantasy? Don’t write it; don’t read it? I understand and could say the same except…except it’s good to get out of the comfortable niche we create for ourselves.

Give the girl/angel/fairy/insect a name
Give the fish a name
Find something that the girl wants from the fish
The fish also wants something from the girl
Write….(there’s nothing to lose!)

The painting is by James Christensen, an American artist inspired by myths, fables, fantasies, and tales of imagination. He said his art was an “invitation to let your imagination run wild, explore, and make interpretations spontaneously.”

It’s called Benediction and the words coming out of the girl’s mouth are  designed to make you question what it means. (The Latin phrase translates as Blessed is the little fish.)

Christensen died earlier this year. You can find out more about the artist and his work HERE


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