Geography, Africa, and Preschool Immersion

A Teacher's Reflections

img_2071One of our most treasured and well-used classroom books is the Big Book of the World.  We love to look through the book as it shows not only physical maps of the world, continents and countries, but also animals, agriculture, and industry of countries all over the world.  When we begin to learn about a new place, be it a state, country, or continent such as Africa, this book is a perfect tool and a complement to our satellite map.  It was our first step, as we learned about Africa.


We spent at least two days “traveling”.  A satellite map was taped to a table.  We added magnifying glasses to get a close-up of both land and water, often getting sidetracked with discovery.  I asked questions:

What is the brown part of Africa?  Why is the water both dark and light blue?  Is there more land or more water…

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