Infamous KKK imperial wizard found dead in suspicious circumstances

Terra de Minas

Toca do Cinéfilo

terrademinasUnder Sandet / Land of Mine (2015 – DIN) estrelaestrelaestrela1_2estrela_cinzaestrela_cinza

O pós Segunda Guerra Mundial, soldados alemães capturados no fim da ocupação Nazista na Dinamarca e obrigados a retirar milhares de minas nas praias, porque acreditava-se que por lá que chegariam as tropas aliadas. Jovens, imaturos e derrotados, tratados como a escória e sob o risco iminente da morte, ou de alguma acidente.

O representante dinamarquês, e semifinalista ao Oscar de Filme Estrangeiro, é dirigido por Martin Zandvliet, e nada surpreenderia se estiver na lista final dos indicados. É um filme de fácil diálogo dramático com público e que não vai além dos esterótipos de comportamentos militares à época. Não fica muito além do informar sobre a curiosa estratégia de encher de minas a costa dinamarquesa.

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Valentine’s Day Banned in Islamadad


240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01If you are looking for a fun romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, you might want to pass on Pakistan.   The High Court in Islamabad has banned all public celebrations of Valentine’s Day despite the growing desire among students to have parties. Students in many countries in the Middle East and Asia have increasingly embraced the holiday to exchange cards, sweets, and have parties.

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Candidato ao STF sofre a terceira denúncia de plágio

Blog do Gerson Nogueira


Desta vez, a vítima é o professor de Direito Penal Vicente Greco Filho, que foi colega de turma de Alexandre de Moraes. O livro “Legislação Penal Especial” contém partes extraídas do livro “Tóxicos, Prevenção – Repressão”, de Greco Filho. Moraes já havia sido denunciado na semana passada por plagiar trechos de um livro de Direitos Fundamentais de autor espanhol e de reproduzir parte de obras de outros autores em livro de sua autoria.

Te dizer…

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It began with a Fan


The story of my great-grandparents’ courtship could be more accurately titled “it began in East Boston”, but my point of entry into their relationship is a fan given by Joseph W. McIntire to Katherine G. Wall in 1896. Their daughter, my grandmother, died a few months ago at age 104 and I came into possession of some of her personal effects, including a box labeled “A. Stowell, 24 Winter Street, Boston” containing a silk and ivory fan with gold accents. Written in the very recognizable script of her sister, my great aunt Margaret (the family historian), is a note indicating that the enclosed was a courtship gift from their father to their mother. I’m sure it was packed away years before Margaret wrote this note, and years afterward. And now here it is in the light of day.


There’s just one tear in the middle–no telling how that happened–otherwise the…

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“Water and fire”


Water and fire

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


Water and fire

I told the Irish beauty in the tavern In Austin, Texas. Some men are dying and some men are living. Death is like a fire. It will burn strong and die down. Hard to rebirth the fire in men hearts after they used it up and accepted the final walk into the bone yards. You are so beautiful. Filled with the wild-fire of life wanting to feel hands painting your skin to untold heat and the splendor of the inferno where we try to repeat and can’t.

Her blue eyes began to shine bluer. She rolled her reddish hair through long slender fingers. She opened her legs, allowed me to see strong tanned longs legs and she told me.  No-one is dead till the dirt is tossed over them and the casket is closed forever. I see…

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Midnight Special (2016)


Midnight Special was one of my highly anticipated films of last year, but unfortunately did not manage to get to see it in the cinema, but eventually it made an appearance on a streaming site that I was able to access. Jeff Nichols’ fourth feature length film looked to be quite the science fiction thriller piece, so I was excited to finally watch it.

Majority of the promotional footage and trailers featured the image of a young boy that seemed to radiate a blinding blue light from his eyes. In Midnight Special, our first meeting with the young boy, he is wearing goggles and noise-cancelling ear mitts whilst reading a comic book. During this introduction with Alton Meyer (Jaeden Lieberher), we see Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton watching the news, regarding the kidnapping of Alton and the case being placed on amber alert.


Already Nichols has managed to tell…

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Hugh Masekela ‎– Working Underground

Whats Really Going On?

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!!

We’re listening to some afrobeat / afrojazz from Hugh Masekela ‎ talking about his constituents Working Underground in these African gold mines!!

Those that do knowledge know what’s up with that!! Check this out!!

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O Caminheiro do Reino

"Vai e reconstrói a minha Igreja!"

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