“If Only…”

Consolation's Many Forms

If only…

Wherever you are, however these words find you, I hope you are well. Time, that great ocean, wears away at us daily, and Death, that great robber, continues to steal away pieces of our heart.

“If only I could have you back.”

“If only I had realized…”

If only. We dream of a world where we embrace the good fully, and don’t spoil things with our folly. But it is a dream. The waves roll in, and we realize — for us, time only goes one way.

Listen to the waves. The sound of life itself, of constant returning. We long for permanence, but permanence is not stasis. It is ebb and flow, holding and losing, straying and returning.

“If only” is best left behind. You cannot reach the future chained to the past.

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