Donald Trump’s Bizarro Alternate Reality

Eat Pray Vote

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday raised more questions than it answered — about his obsession with the size of his win, his constant dismissal of the media, his ability to govern and his sanity. But he wasn’t speaking to you or me — he was speaking to his base. And of course, they lapped it like a $12.99 all you can eat buffet at Golden Corral.

Trump is realizing that the job of POTUS is more complex than he thought. The real mess is his perception of the job than the job itself. He was so confident that his businessman skills would apply so well for the job of governing, that he is now all confused and quite scared. He came across incoherent and rambling, accusing the press, Democrats, Hillary and just about anyone else he could think of.

Nothing is ever his fault. When confronted with…

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