The New York Times: “Presidente Trump, Aprendiz de la Casa Blanca” | Cubadebate

El diario The New York Times calificó de aprendiz de la Casa Blanca al presidente estadounidense, bajo el argumento de que los fiascos de sus primeras cuatro semanas de gestión parecen dirigir el pa

Fonte: The New York Times: “Presidente Trump, Aprendiz de la Casa Blanca” | Cubadebate

Within the woods


thYou lost your grip on reality around the same time

my own dalliance with death disturbed the rafters

my shoulders of a man, yours of a sparrow

we danced around amber whiskey bottles

setting fire to tarmac

lifting our skirts before silver ash enveloped us

but maybe I didn’t clean my feet well enough

you began to tremble in the morning

and I found I could not move

it was as if a deer had been startled

standing quite still in dried grass

he was frozen in situ

for a time I wanted to break out

resume merriment and three penny carnival

until the feeling of falling inside

behind the bones of your face

where all emotion blanches and traces

secrets and lies

became my norm

I did not know anymore

how to stir cocktails of polite acquaintance

or make small talk trace like sleepy snails

I did not know…

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Scoping the Victorian Scenes

19th Century Modern

view2One would hope from the popularity of the BBC’s Victoria television series more 19th century films would be in the works or at least close to completion to slack the public’s thirst for historical dramas, whether they be biographical or fictitious. Alas this does not seem to be the case. In fact, my list of upcoming viewing is rather far off. What is most peculiar is there seems to be quite a few debuting this year, but actual release dates are extremely difficult to come by. Ordinarily, I would only list eight shows or cinematic productions what were soon to debut; as in coming out in the next three months. I am only including four titles, which one does not have a definite opening slot. Perhaps in the next two months, the companies will have the courtesy to make an executive decision for debuting times.

tommyhTommy’s Honour

Slated to debut…

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George Lakoff

Journalists are bravely standing up to Trump’s attacks on the free press, as they should. Yet one way in which they’re expressing their solidarity and resistance shows how little most journalists know about political framing and messaging.

Case in point: Trump has labeled journalists as “enemies.” So, journalists have responded by labeling themselves “#NotTheEnemy.” This hashtag is currently trending on Twitter, which is unfortunate. Adopting this slogan is a big mistake that helps Trump.

Anyone who has read my books or taken my classes at Berkeley will immediately understand why. For those new to political framing and messaging, I’ll explain briefly here.

Quick: Don’t think of an elephant!

Now, what do you see? The bulkiness, the grayness, the trunkiness of an elephant. You can’t block the picture – the frame – from being accessed by your unconscious mind. As a professor in the cognitive and brain sciences, this is the…

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Direito à partilha de bens

Advogada Linda Ostjen

No caso de não existir um testamento, a divisão é feita entre os herdeiros necessários, que são o cônjuge, os descendentes (filhos e netos) e ainda os ascendentes (pais e avós). Definidos quem são os beneficiários, o próximo passo é realizar um inventário, que relaciona todos os bens, direitos e dívidas deixados.

Se entre os herdeiros não houver brigas ou disputas por bens, a partilha pode ser feita em processo extrajudicial, que costuma ter duração de um ou dois meses e gastos menores.

Por outro lado, se houver desacordo entre as partes, é realizado o inventário judicial, que pode levar anos até ser resolvido.

A divisão deve apresentar o maior equilíbrio possível entre a quantidade e a qualidade dos bens recebidos, seja em caso de divórcio ou herança. Tudo como forma de evitar conflitos e desgaste mais tarde.

“Por exemplo, deve-se evitar a partilha que fique cada um coproprietário de…

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Quiche de farinha de arroz com espinafre e ricota

Livro de receitas deca calazans


2 xícaras de farinha de arroz
1 ovo
100g de margarina
2 colheres de sopa, se precisar

1 maço de espinafre
200g de ricota
200g de creme de leite
3 ovos
1 cebola pequena
50g de queijo ralado

Modo de preparo

1. Em uma vasilha, junte os ingredientes e misture até formar uma massa uniforme em formato de bola. Leve à geladeira por 15 minutos.

2. Cozinhe as folhas do espinafre no micro-ondas por 3 minutos. Corte e reserve.

3. Corte a cebola em tirinhas e junte ao espinafre. Adicione a ricota cortada. Incorpore os ovos, creme de leite e sal e misture bem.

4. Abra a massa na forma de desenformar e fure com garfo. Coloque o recheio sobre a massa aberta na forma, polvilhe com queijo ralado e orégano.

5. Leve ao forno até dourar — cerca de 40 minutos. Sirva quente ou…

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An Immersive Forest of 60,000 Rainbow Numbers


In celebration of The National Art Center of Tokyo‘s 10th anniversary, French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux was commissioned to fill the institution’s 6500 square foot exhibition space with her vision of the decade to come.

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Volto di donna



Abito il volto di una donna

che dimora in un’onda

 sospinta dalla marea verso una spiaggia

che ha perso tra le sue conchiglie il porto.

Abito il volto di una donna

che mi fa morire, le piace scorrere

nel mio sangue che naviga fino all’estrema follia

a faro spento.

Adonis, pseudonimo di Ahmad Sa’id Qassabīn, Siria 1 gennaio 1930

da “Due canti sulla donna e sull’uomo, tre sogni e tre specchi”

traduzione di Manuela E.B.Giolfo

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