Apple Pie Spice Recipe

Momoe's Cupboard

One of things that is important when you have a low budget to cook with is to keep a good assortment of spices. Using spices and herbs can really add flavor to a recipe. Some of those spices you can find inexpensively in little cellophane bags or at the dollar store in small plastic containers.  There is some spice and herb blends that you only see in the higher end brands at the supermarket. Spice blends you can make yourself.  Most of them are blends from inexpensive spices that you all ready have on your shelf.

I do bake often out of necessity.  Pies are easy to make and apple pie is a favorite. I have been making my own apple pie spice for years.  Mainly because it was convenient to use and I could make it to my taste.  Who says you can’t use it in other foods and…

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