Go Within Every Day and Find Your Inner Strength

Spiritual Journey Healing

I wake up early when the world is quiet. I wrap myself in a blanket and sit down to take time out to meditate and pray over situations for clarity and a sense of calm.

I begin by breathing. As I inhale, I’m aware of how my body feels as well as what’s going on with my thoughts and emotions. As I exhale, with intention, I let go of anything that doesn’t concern me at that moment. I get in touch with a place inside myself where conflict, self-doubt, and judgment cease to exist.

Prayer and meditation are similar practices in that they both offer us a connection to our Creator.

Prayer is when we ask the universe for something, and meditation is when we listen.

girlWith prayer and meditation we form a 2-way communication to our creator and we begin to have a genuine conversation with the universe. We…

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