When the Words Won’t Flow


I’m not sure what this week’s article was intended to be.

A smattering of purple prose,

A misguided philosophical diatribe,

Or the musings of a (temporarily) deluded mind.

You decide.

When life tosses you a contemptuous curve ball, you either submit, or swing.  And earlier this week, as I struggled to cope with the realization that the Sony PlayStation Network would be down –all Super Bowl weekend, I was hit with a one-two punch, caught completely off guard, by yet another shocking revelation.

ABBA announced a comeback tour.

It was all my mind could handle.

Circuitry overload.

Which resulted in the last minute, down to the wire, nonsensical rambling, below.


When the Words Won’t Flow

As another blogging deadline approaches, I’ve yet to find a topic that intrigues me.  Now, truth be told, ‘intrigue’ is a bit of a stretch, presently I’d settle for a topic…

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