Owls Eye View

The Pillow Sessions

 I met a black owl in my dream last night it gave me a message of Clairsentience. 

It told me to expect some new eyes of which I will see, the mystical, secrecy will be deceased to thee.

The power of the unimportant will become null and void.

I started floating up above with the wise creature, exploring the world from an owls eye view

My eyes adjusted to the dark seeing every object as clear as day

The hidden withered away. 

“Why me?” I asked

“why now?”

“Why ever?”

“The wisdom you hold is centuries old. Channel those words, the gems internally held, are coming to surface as your soul emerges. I’m here to guide you, tell you to slow down. Channel that power you already have, infuse it with your light and mold it with assurance. I’m a creature of the night, the holder of wisdom and…

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