A Comprehensive List of Companies that Manufacture in America #madeinusa

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Hello all :=)

Although I am not in the United States, it is impossible to check the news on any day without bearing witness to the political shit-storm going on over there. Today, is another one of those days. I pull up the international news forum and the first article I see is about America’s beloved Walmart (incidentally cited as the holder of the largest clothing sales there) warning their customers of impending price increases. Why? Well, because new tax laws being promoted state that a higher tax will be placed on imported items than on exported items. Walmart therefore states that since 97% – 99% of their items are imported from overseas, they have the option of either decreasing their profit margin or passing on the additional costs to their customers. You can guess quite easily which will happen.

Since this is an an international blog, I figure that…

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