Tabapuã Papers revela relações sombrias entre José Yunes e Temer | Brasil 24/7

Uma coisa está mais do que clara: José Yunes parece ser muito mais do que um amigo, muito mais do um irmão de Michel Temer. E pode acabar com o seu governo

Fonte: Tabapuã Papers revela relações sombrias entre José Yunes e Temer | Brasil 24/7

LOST WITHOUT YOU…~ by suzette portes san jose


illustrated in a painting by suzette portes san jose

LOST WITHOUT YOU… by suzette portes san jose

for what we have is the passion for life
…we’ll do through and hardly we strife
for everything could be so rough
…we’ll do through and though so tough

stand for what was for real, and all so true
…for the heart to keep and rejoice
when there stood a dream without the blue
… would there be a haze in journey of choice
we travel elsewhere, head on hastily
…our eyes sets on the horizon endlessly
will hold on to each other and never fall
…with every thoughts and sight enthrall

to where time goes and cannot cease
keeping the heart close, away from freeze
from shadows of darkness a flame in sight
should we walk along in path of light
where i am, where i stand is all i…

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Humanity’s Plight in the Future World~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa


Humanity’s Plight in the Future World

Waves from Mars crashes to shore
Winds of Hades added tides more
Creatures rebelled against nature
Hell’s fury all over the land
What has become of Mankind’s future?

Where has gone my desired Light?
Why has Darkness blinded my sight?
When has Justice started to be owned by Might?
Who is Righteous enough to fight?
How shall mankind be freed from its plight?

The air filled with sulfur and iron scent
Nothing but the aftermath of chaos
Black charred trees no greens no red
The ground covered with dried blood earth rejected
No birds that sing no furs that run
Just ants, roaches and rats to feast on rotting flesh

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Ablazed~by Hela Tekali



I am ablazed by your radiant, bright Light
I find tranquility when it penetrates my sight
Its holiness engulfs my soul in a state of bliss
The sacredness of its glimmer brings my mood a lot of peace
Like a burning flame my emotion comes to implore your door
Its sensation blooms like a newly opened flower lying in your graceful floor
I am dazzled by obsessive thought of you
Would you apprise my anxiety with solemnity so true

Jenayah hela

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