50 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Being a Mum (But It’s Maybe Best I Didn’t)


  1. That bulging bag you took to the hospital, full of classical/relaxing music, books to read, special pillows and scented oils will be a waste of time when you get induced and end up with an Epidural.
  2. Your idea of not having medical students at the birth because you’re shy at showing your privates goes out the window – and you’re fine with 10 students peering up at you from down there.
  3. You might be sleep deprived and miserable after having your baby.
  4. and cry A LOT (nobody told me this)!
  5. Those sweet little button vests? Those are torture devices for new parents. Ditto x 10 for sleep suits. Whatever happened to Velcro?
  6. Practise that car seat on a doll, then you won’t struggle to fasten a screaming baby into the seat for an hour before leaving the hospital.
  7. Babies move around A LOT when getting changed. Some training before baby…

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