My Heart~by Karen King


My Heart

My heart has been ripped out,
My limbs turn asunder,
As I stumble around
In the darkness and thunder.

I look around, a tree has been struck
And daffodil stems have split in half.
I sink in turmoil amongst the muck
As Mother Nature has her laugh.

I realise this day is an echo of my heart,
Where nothing is the same.
I feel you lost somewhere in time,
But I will always remember your name.

Karen King Copyright 23 February 2017

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Unidos do Rabo de Galo vem aí gente!


rabo de galo matao

Não sou nenhum fã do Carnaval, prefiro descansar ao invés de pular os cinco dias, só que para toda regra há uma exceção, e neste caso é o bloco  Unidos do Rabo de Galo. Hoje será meu quinto ano consecutivo “desfilando”.  É um tradicional bloco de rua matonense que está nos seus mais de 30 anos.  Ficou curioso para saber o que é?

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Daily missive for Friday the 24th of February.~by Peter Forster


Daily missive for Friday the 24th of February.

What happens to the universal?
It spins around
In exultation
Of its resolve to expand
Whilst we revolve
As the axis
Of our station
The fulcrum of creation.
Sheltered by degrees
Embedded in a web
Of woven relationships
Connections with substance.
Embroidered in existential
A collection
Of understandings
Surrounded by
The barely known
Overlooked by missed opportunity.
Where will it go
The meaning we have searched for
When we are no more.
Can you now know
Are you with me
Is this your voice
Calling me home
Or a wish yet to be fulfilled.
Is it my yearning
For what has been lost
Or does a part of you
Remain within me.
Why would you waste
Such time
Knowing the shallowness
Of my soul.
Its incomplete incarnation
The cowardly tilt
Toward disengagement
Its embodiment of
Human frailty
Worn with less…

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Art and the Aged: The Surprising Benefits of Crafting and Creating for Seniors

Life in the Boomer Lane

The following is a guest post from Harvey Woods, a therapist who believes strongly in the arts and creativity. He writes about creativity and self-care for a better life.



As people age, they sometimes begin to feel like they don’t have a lot of things to keep them happily occupied. They may begin to feel depressed or underappreciated because they no longer contribute, and not having a good hobby can worsen these feelings. 

One of the best ways to keep seniors happily occupied and sharp is to get them into arts and crafts. There are many benefits that older people gain from staying active and creative, and there are plenty of different creative endeavors they can choose from…

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Damned~by Paul F. Lenzi




“Inferno” by Marina Petro

(A modest homage to Dante)

abandon hope all ye who enter here

melt into the matrix of unclean souls

become one with the stygian night

a miasma of ill-conceived dreams

swirls in cornerless shadows aflame

with dead screams in a sulfurous air

down unspeakable steps of gauged agony

leading to the basest of sinners who

practiced betrayal as branded by Judas

caught frozen for time beyond end

in perpetual pain of the ice-pit

fourth nethermost ring of the final

ninth circle where the faces of Satan

make meals of the fear and the guilt

come too late to the worst of the damned

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50 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Being a Mum (But It’s Maybe Best I Didn’t)


  1. That bulging bag you took to the hospital, full of classical/relaxing music, books to read, special pillows and scented oils will be a waste of time when you get induced and end up with an Epidural.
  2. Your idea of not having medical students at the birth because you’re shy at showing your privates goes out the window – and you’re fine with 10 students peering up at you from down there.
  3. You might be sleep deprived and miserable after having your baby.
  4. and cry A LOT (nobody told me this)!
  5. Those sweet little button vests? Those are torture devices for new parents. Ditto x 10 for sleep suits. Whatever happened to Velcro?
  6. Practise that car seat on a doll, then you won’t struggle to fasten a screaming baby into the seat for an hour before leaving the hospital.
  7. Babies move around A LOT when getting changed. Some training before baby…

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Point of View

Pen & Paper


I believe that in order to tell a story well, it depends most specifically on a point of view. What Point-of-View do you think meets your style of writing most often or does it all depend on the story you are writing? Today’s post includes excerpts from What’s the Story? Building Blocks for Fiction Writing, by Melissa Donovan, chapter six: “Narrative Point of View.”

(The terms story and narrative can be used interchangeably, meaning a sequence of events, real or fictional, that are conveyed through any medium ranging from prose to film. However, when we talk about narrative, we’re often referring to the structural nature or presentation of a story, the manner in which it’s told.)

Point of View in Storytelling

The narrator of a story is the in-world storyteller, the voice that imparts the story events to the audience. Narrative point of view, often called POV…

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Bolívia quer produzir toda a comida consumida pelo país até 2020

Ecologia dos Saberes

O governo irá apoiar pequenos e médios agricultores na produção de alimentos.

O Governo da Bolívia anunciou um investimento no ano passado de $ 40 milhões de dólares para apoiar pequenos e médios agricultores na produção de alimentos. A vice-ministra do Desenvolvimento Rural e da Agricultura, Marisol Solano, afirmou que mais de 20 projetos de segurança alimentar já estão em andamento em todo o país, com apoio financeiro até agora destinado à criação de gado e piscicultura, além de aumentar a produção de batatas, tomates, trigo, legumes, café e cacau.

Ao aumentar as capacidades locais, a Bolívia pretende tornar-se inteiramente autossuficiente até 2020. Com um aumento de 25 por cento na produção de alimentos reportado desde 2014 e com o objetivo de manter esta taxa de crescimento para este ano, parece que o país não está tão longe assim de alcançar seu ambicioso objetivo.

Já se baseando na nova sanção…

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Lessons from Copeland (and a couple from Stoke)


All too predictably, the media this morning are completely focused on Labour’s defeat last night in Copeland, with questions about Corbyn’s leadership repeated ad nauseam and Stoke treated almost as an irrelevant footnote.Genuine Labour supporters are understandably disappointed, but most are rallying and asking ‘what’s next?’.

Here are a few observations from the by-elections that you’re highly unlikely to hear from a mainstream obsessed with finding reasons for more Corbyn-bashing and the lessons that flow from them for how what many are now calling ‘ordinary Labour’ to take forward.

Taking the fight to..

‘Taking the fight to the Tories’ is a mantra on both sides within the Labour party. But what has become clear during this campaign is that, for the pro-Corbyn left, taking the fight to the Tories means ‘first clean house‘.

From Tony Blair‘s ridiculous ‘rise up against Brexit’ intervention last week and Mandelson

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