expect nothing – welcome everything

Poetry of Beauty

if you want the stuff of life
and maybe you do
then you have to jump through
many hurdles
and learn how to play the game
it may work 
or it may not

but if you want peace in your heart
drop all expectation of outcome
all expectation is born of your conditioning
and if it is dashed on the rocks of life
will lead to a barren and tortured heart

so expect nothing
but welcome everything that arrives
as a gift from god
even if it hurts you
or insults you
or takes away everything you love and own.

surely this is the hardest path of all
the path of welcoming everything
and it is an all or nothing path

i hear you say, ‘but what about my wife, my life, my house, my car, my savings, my work, how can i welcome the destruction of all this.’


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