Imaging Brazil 252: Red River in Minas Gerais, MG (2010)

Adriano Antoine

A personal selection of photographs with their stories.

252: Red river


Minas Gerais hosts a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes. The north and west are dominated by dry savanna-like plateaus, while in the south and east a tropical mountain climate predominates. The mountains in the latter regions are intersected by numerous rivers, creeks and streams. One of the largest rivers in the country, the São Francisco River, originates in the mountains of Minas, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean about three thousand kilometers away. In the wet summer time, abundant rain showers could transform the streams and brooks into raging rivers. The withered landscape, caused by a long dry period in winter, changes into a fresh green composition. The reddish brown rising rivers are stained by the iron-rich sand they carry along. During a dry interval, the river appears to be calm, like a mirror, as shown in the picture.

© Adriano Antoine Robbesom 2010…

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