Let Them Eat Cake

Sunday December 18 ’16. Sketch your Cake Open Day.

The doors opened early and Anna arrived with masses of boxes filled with – well we had to wait and see! Sue brought her beautiful cake plates and stands so we could carefully create displays with samples of all the cakes available. The yellow tablecloth from France was laid out and fitted perfectly across the white tables. Now we were looking good. Many orders were in those other boxes but we weren’t allowed in there of course.

First thing was coffee. Everyone was keen on that and it gave us a kickstart to open our books and think about sketching. People began to arrive, and were very excited by the cakes laid out. Each one would take a seat and choose their subject and even get to sample some of the display.

The day was very relaxed as people dropped in, some just…

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Spiritual Warfare, Personal Growth, and Effective Prayer


img_0116Things are not always what they seem. I’ve known this for many years. In my younger years I was living blind to the depth of the spiritual world. I was 14 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. But, no one taught me about the things of the spirit. No one taught me about the Holy Spirit. No one mentored me. I thank God for a brave history teacher in my Jr. High. I don’t remember how we came to be discussing the topic after class, all I remember is that this history teacher put the Biblical history and the secular history together and suddenly all those Bible stories became real, historical events for me. They were no longer just stories that I had been hearing in church since I was very young. The following summer I attend a church camp, only the second and last I ever…

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Family ,Parenting and beyond



Yesterday, you were elated, so much so that you could not hide the joy from the one person you swore never to talk to again. Does joy have a way of blinding you? Or does it make you forget?

Yesterday, you let your well kept secret percolate through your sealed lips without giving it much thought. What happened to the guard you’d once raised? For a moment, I was glad that you would no longer be the talk of town, but I guess that was just a phase.

Scorched by their wrath, anger and jealousy, you ran back to me! What do you want me to do this time? Take you into my arms and tell you, ‘I will figure out a solution?’ Not this time my dear, you need to grow. You have to dance to the tunes of your music this time. I guess I shielded you…

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