…for Nevadan Authoress, Leanna F. Falconer, there’s no place like home…

Seumas Gallacher

…being able to write across different JONGGRS is a special talent… my Guest Poster today, the highly-talented, Authoress, Leanna (L.F.) Falconer, exhibits more than just a touch of common sense about writing with local knowledge… enjoy…headshot-lf


The settings in my novels have led me into some interesting territories—from the completely mythical realms contained within my dark fantasy series to a harrowing voyage across the North Atlantic in a psychological thriller which ultimately ends at a remote point in the Shetland Islands. My short stories have plunked me dead center into a haunted wood in Eastern Europe, the swampy bayous of the deep American South, and into a far flung dystopian future world in the wilds of Alaska.aa1

It wasn’t until I began to set a few of my short stories in my home state of Nevada, in the remote outlands far beyond the glitz and neon…

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