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Today’s guest picture is the biggest fungus on the tree stump that my son Al saw in Leith recently.  I think it is impressive to say the least.  If I have the identification right, it rejoices in the name Auricularia auricula or jelly ear.

Auricularia auricula

It wasn’t frosty this morning but it was exceedingly misty so I was quite happy to have got up late as I hadn’t missed any good cycling weather.  There  was no sign of the snow from last night and once the mist cleared, it was quite a pleasant and calm day but with no glimpse of any sun.

When I went outside, it was obvious that the frogs were enjoying the slightly warmer weather as the garden was full of the sound of croaking.  The pond was full of frogs…


…some of whom were very close friends indeed.


There were quite a few visitors to the…

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