Bombay Brasserie – Irresistible Canteen Menu and more!


For me, food is more than what it seems to be. The culture which is behind that food that helps us to trace back the origin of that dish constantly keeps intriguing me! So, if you know the social background or the culture lying behind a food, you can really go under the skin of a cuisine in no time. Cuisines are always particular to a region or to a place from where it originates, and that in turns traverses across the geographies. The local blend of cooking techniques, preferences, climatic conditions, regional spices, etc that creates a cuisine! And the restaurants that expertise in any particular cuisine are always my favorite ones, I really try to avoid those ‘jack of all trades’ multi cuisine restaurants on any given day. And that is the reason I absolutely love restaurants like Bombay Brasserie! It brings to you the legacy of that…

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