Self Portrait With A Male Nude



This is one of my artworks in the new exhibition in Swansea’s Cinema & Co, I drew it the other evening at life drawing in Swansea Print Workshop using conté crayons, black, white and sanguine, onto brown wrapping paper. The exhibition opens on Wednesday March 8th, International Women’s Day and continues throughout the month. Cinema & Co has organised a great programme of films and events for the month, which coincides with International Month of Women’s History and is showing the film Frida (Kahlo) immediately after the opening of the exhibition – click here to find out more and / or book tickets.


The celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) has been around for over a hundred years. Its roots were in the campaign to win votes for women and it was ratified by the United Nations in 1977 as a day for women’s equality and world peace.

I am…

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The Time Has Finally Come! President Trump Suddenly SUSPENDS Expedited Processing of H-1B Visas…


Great news!

Via Young Conservatives: The Time Has Finally Come! President Trump Suddenly SUSPENDS Expedited Processing of H-1B Visas…

Great news on the H-1B visa question!

In the first step to reform the H-1B visa program, President Donald Trump has suspended expedited processing for up to six months.

The administration is saying that this will help reduce the back log of visas pending.

Advocates of the program say it brings skilled workers that the U.S. needs, but critics say there are many problems.

More From the Daily Caller:

The stated purpose of the H-1b program is to allow companies to temporarily import high-skilled workers when they can’t find American workers willing or able to do the job, but critics contend its true purpose is to help big businesses…

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Prece brincante


Senhor(a) deus(a) das crianças

fazei de mim sempre
uma delas

a brincar
nos campos de lírios
de mãos-asas com
o imaginário

e com as outras
na pulsação
da imanência

d e s p r e t e n c i o s a m e n t e

Ah, Senhor(a)
dai-me o leme
da espontaneidade

fazendo de mim sempre
uma criança!

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A couple that cooks together, stays together

simple Ula

I’ve started eating spicy food (adding cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, etc.) because of him. On our second date ❤, my boyfriend took me to the Thai restaurant. I had no idea what to order so he did it for me and I was sweating while eating the meal, but trying to play it cool 😃.

Health benefits of spicy food: weight loss, heart health, cancer prevention, pain relief and longevity.


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