The Verge Accuses JetSmarter of Exortion for Positive Reviews

Alexis Chateau PR

On March 3, 2017, The Verge published an article claiming JetSmarter tried to extort $2000 from a journalist – all for a positive review. And not just any journalist, but one of their own.

According to the report:

In exchange for a demonstration of the service (a round-trip flight in the US), JetSmarter sent us an agreement that demands an uncritical puff piece.

The rub? JetSmarter wanted the credit card number of a Verge reporter, so that it could charge them $2,000 if they didn’t publish a positive story “within 5 business days.”

The Verge even published a portion of the alleged terms as proof. Sure enough, it shows requests not just for credit card information, but a valid ID for the journalist taking the risk.

Who Is JetSmarter?

If you’ve never heard of JetSmarter, it’s a self-styled travel agency, putting a fleet of private jets at the beck…

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