De que são feitas as raparigas?

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What are girls made of?, da Nike, é mais um anúncio polarizado pelo Dia Internacional da Mulher. De algum modo, pensamento e sentimento acontecem por agenda e por medida. Um anúncio assumido e sedutor. Particularmente feliz a aposta na juventude, na música e na poesia. É, por acréscimo, um anúncio russo! Faltam anúncios russos no Tendências do Imaginário.

Marca: Nike. Título: What are girls made of? Agência: Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam). Rússia, Março 2017.

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Baltic hunter-gatherers began farming without influence of migration, ancient DNA suggests


The Neolithic peoples of the Baltics acquired agriculture and other elements of permanent settlement culture through diffusion, not through large migratory movements from Anatolia and the Middle East, according to genetic study. Gromko, Wikimedia Commons

Original Article:

TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN—New research indicates that Baltic hunter-gatherers were not swamped by migrations of early agriculturalists from the Middle East, as was the case for the rest of central and western Europe. Instead, these people probably acquired knowledge of farming and ceramics by sharing cultures and ideas—rather than genes—with outside communities.

Scientists extracted ancient DNA from a number of archaeological remains discovered in Latvia and the Ukraine, which were between 5,000 and 8,000 years old. These samples spanned the Neolithic period, which was the dawn of agriculture in Europe, when people moved from a mobile hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a settled way of life based on food production.

We know through previous research…

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Pillowcase Edging Pattern

Momoe's Cupboard

I enjoy making pillowcases and have a cedar chest full of them.  This is one of my current projects.  The pillowcases are more like shams because the embroidery pattern covers the whole case.  I will show you the finished project in a later blog. What I want to do is show you my favorite wide lace edging pattern. I did the lace in this project from memory so it is different from the pictures and pattern that is below.


This pillowcase was made about 20 years ago.  It still looks as good as the day I made it.

About 20 years ago this pattern was in the Magic Crochet magazine. It had a different header in the pattern.  When I say a header that is the term used for the finished edge that is going to be attached to the item.  It can be what is used to crochet the…

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Kimi wa Midara – A Comédia Romântica Hardcore da autora de Kuzu no Honkai | Impressões – IntoxiAnime

[Kimi wa Midara – A Comédia Romântica Hardcore da autora de Kuzu no Honkai | Impressões – IntoxiAnime] é bom. Dê uma olhada!