For all of those claiming, “Trump betrayed us!” HORSESHITE !


I’m glad to see this PolAgnostic Op-Ed post on Sparta. Predictions of doom and gloom have been proved otherwise with President Trump over and over. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the ACA repeal & replace debate play out.

If the RyanCare bill survives, (that’s a big if) it will likely be heavily modified from it’s current form. What I find most refreshing is the actual transparency of the process. Think back on what anyone knew about what was contained within Obamacare/ACA when SanFranNan was ramming it through the House.

In fact the theatrics of Rand’s copy machine and the search for the bill seemed to me to have some Trumpian influence in and of itself. Though I’m certain that the Ryan bill would have been heavily debated regardless.

Without further ado …

D.C. Politics – Making Sausage While Running A Marathon – Sparta Report

In the last 96 hours…

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