Nepali Private Kitchen, delicious homecooked Nepalese fare

Kelly Siew Cooks

Authentic Nepalese cuisine is not that easy to find in Klang Valley. A quick google search turned out less than a handful of them and the top result is the now-defunct Restaurant Nepal, which I’ve visited numerous times. But what if I tell you, you can now dine at a Nepalese couple’s cozy home for just a small price?

Yes, finally there’s another place for us to satisfy our momo craving, although it is only available for group booking. You might want to start gathering your troop for this.

Knowing my love for Nepalese food, Cheng Yi sent an invite to the test run of the aforementioned Nepali Private Kitchen. What is Private Kitchen? Well, this trend has been around for a couple of years and this enables home cooks to open up their own place to host friends or strangers. I used to run one myself and had…

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