where are you spring…

pix & kardz


This seems like the longest winter on record, although on rare occasions there have been others which seemed to hang on indefinitely in their turn.

My own back yard has been free of snow for about a week, but here and there the last accumulations of the white grey stuff is still hanging around, and slowly melting.

Only a year ago leaves were appearing and the colours of spring were out in full force.

Magnolias were popping and there were even some bees buzzing amongst the flowers.

It was hard to believe that it was still winter.

Looking at the photo archives reminds me of the beauty waiting yet to unfold, and my eyes become thirsty for all that is yet to be.

And far more than wishing, they are longing for spring.



To be fair – this year’s snowdrops have been blooming in the back yard…

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