Hopefully…..~by Lopamudra Mishra



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Hopefully we will meet in the dark firmament,
Hopefully cloud ‘s conscientious shield will not obstruct our rotation,
In the deepest field of vision,
We will play with every strands of our fluff,
Here we will fondle our thoughts to rise above the horizon,
Towards the vast universe ,
Towards the empty spaces of galaxy,
Towards the countless stars and constellations,
Where we the super riders, of visualisation will paint our world ,
With the help of golden brush and drab a picture of red fancy,
The world of fantasy will led us dive in ocean of reddish blue,
Our Earth may grieve, as we left her stick around with avid eyes,
The pleasure of flying with the riddles of unsolved problems,
Is quite a novel occurrence,
Our yearning lips pleased to taste the sweetness of creativity,
More pleasant ,more aromatic ,than the sugary syrup of candy,
Vacant mind…

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