8 Statues of Courageous Women in History

Heritage Calling

This Women’s History Month, we’re talking about the representation and commemoration of women throughout history.

Just 2.7% of statues in the UK are of historical, non-royal women – and a number of campaigns are looking to change that. A crowdsourcing project is underway to install a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in her home town of Manchester. Campaign group Mary on the Green are fundraising to have a statue of ‘the mother of feminism’ Mary Wollstonecraft installed on Newington Green, London.

Who would you like to see commemorated in a statue? Tell us in the comments

Here are 7 statues and the inspirational women they represent:

Violette Szabo, Albert Embankment, London

220px-Violette_Szabo_IWM_photo wiki commons Violette Szabo in 1944. From the Imperial War Museum record HU 16541

Set up in secret during the Second World War, the Special Operations Executive conducted espionage and sabotage in occupied Europe. Recruits put themselves in grave danger in a…

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