Seizing illusion.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel


My very dear friends
This is another poem
That I wrote in Arabic first (Old Arabic)
Then I translated it into English.
Hope you like it. ,♥

Seizing illusion.

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It was my choice to go sailing
In deserted seas
Lonely, in a boat
Searching for my drowning self
So I burnt away the absurdity of poetry,
Wisdom and philosophy…
As an Incense to the truth.
I was looking for a slumber
For my faraway memories
And dreams of my innocent childhood
Those, that take me far, far away
To the silence of the noisy waves
Where I started to listen
To the Echo of silence
Between despair and hope
Wrapped since the first dawn,
In the legacy of fear
That fear…
The other side of the truth
Fear to think
Or to speak
Fear to rejoice
Or that to suffer
Even the fear
Of showing our fear

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