Trip to London Town.



The other night after I got the kids tucked up in bed I sat in the lounge watching TV and working on my laptop, munching on a few chocolates (maybe that’s why the scales haven’t gone down this week). Suddenly I heard the familiar noise of Daughter ambling down the stairs. I panicked before quickly hiding the chocolate wrappers under some papers just before she walked in the lounge. Daughter had decided I should give up chocolate for lent. I didn’t agree to this, but nor did I want to give her the smug satisfaction of catching me in the act. Instead once she’d gone I had another chocolate, just to be rebellious, then gleefully secreted the wrappers in the bin.

Afterwards it dawned on me that I was sat in my own house, at the age of 39, hiding chocolate wrappers from a 7 year old and I felt…

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