Has history taught us nothing?
Has the past not shaped our troubled future?
Has hate not divided us enough?
Why must we all be in the same mould?
Why must we all aspire to the same equivalence?
Why must we all draw the same rationality?
Tolerance, love, peace, acceptance
This is what they teach us so furiously
Yet they wage war and kill so carelessly
Because they are intolerant
Incapable to accept differences
Too hateful to be peaceful
The inflicted pain is so torturous
All that is seeked is revenge
Revenge so distasteful it blinds judgement
Judgement so impaired it blurs vision
Vision so tainted nothing is seen but repulsion
repulsion which compels feelings of wrath
Wrath so persuasive it brings
Intolerance, hate, chaos, neglect
I live in a world full of wrath
So cruel and unkind it makes me choke with sorrow
Wrath is our deadly sins

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