A clean house does not a clean mind make

Bill Pearse

Our refrigerator, when we reoccupied our house after a year away

When we bought this house I planned to take care of it. It was bigger than any place we ever lived, and the guy we bought it from looked frazzled when he was showing us how you do everything, and a small part of me thought one day, I’m going to look like that too.

They were ex-military ops, he and his wife. The wife was one of those air marshals who flies in plain clothes and then kicks ass on the plane if something goes wrong.

We went to look at the house the first day it came on the market. I was so sick of looking at houses; I’d just gotten a new job at Starbucks but it got overshadowed by this, another house to see. It had a pencil sharpener bolted onto the cabinetry in the…

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