Something’s Steamin’ Hot at The Wall

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Steam cooking lends itself well to the restaurant’s concept of providing tasty and healthy food. Contrary to the belief that steaming means blandness, the flavour, aroma, colour and texture of all ingredients are intact when steam cooked rather than fried or boiled in water. A far higher level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is retained than by other cooking methods. Steamed dishes are healthier and more nutritious.


Steaming itself is  a traditional Oriental Cooking Method, ideal for today’s momentum towards GOOD HEALTHY FOOD ! We are presenting it in a very small way to provide the Calcutta an opportunity to give taste anew meaning. The 12 dishes we have in Starter and Menu that does not represent the whole Oriental Steam Delicacy at all. But this is just an eye opener for the guests. Plus its a research for us and came into conclusion after detailed studies  to offer this…

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