“We Are Protectors”: Writers, Artists, and Photographers on Water


World Water Day, which falls on March 22 each year, is about recognizing water as a finite resource and taking action on water issues. Here are a few writers, artists, and photographers publishing work that comments on or celebrates this essential source of life.

A visual message on water protection

The blogger at In Loving Resistance encourages readers to submit photographs of friends and loved ones holding messages of resistance on current issues and events, including a response to the Trump administration’s attempt to remove climate change information on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Below, contributor Kate shows her support for the protection of water.

Photo of Kate at In Loving Resistance

A bibliophile’s love for the sea

At Beach Books Blog, Anna Iltnere celebrates her two passions: books and the sea. She has a growing collection of books and essays dedicated to the ocean and experiments with photography…

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