Documenting a City, One Photo at a Time: Winnipeg Love Hate


For a decade, photographer Bryan Scott has documented nearly every corner of Winnipeg, Manitoba at his site, Winnipeg Love Hate.

The site bears witness to both urban decline and renewal — from city streets and shops to heritage buildings and landmarks — including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Winnipeg Love Hate is not just a site devoted to lovely photography, it’s a visual history of a Canadian prairie city — with beauty and blemishes both on public display.

Winnipeggers have a bizarre mix of pride and self-loathing for their city, which is well articulated in a song called “One Great City,” by local band The Weakerthans. Its refrain: “I hate Winnipeg.”

How did Winnipeg Love Hate originate?

In 2006 or 2007, I had a eureka moment about myself and my photography. For the longest time, I believed I had to travel to take the kind…

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