The Weekly Bleat: Spring Forward!

fourth generation farmgirl

Green Hill Farm is wonderful this time of year.  I truly love living here in the springtime.  It’s as if the whole place just comes alive:  trees budding out, pastures greening up, and bits of lavender, yellow, and pink from blooming flowers and trees dotting the landscape.  It’s just so uplifting.

We’ve had gorgeous weather, and today, I noticed my asparagus is coming up.  It’s really exciting to have something nutritious and delicious just show up in the kitchen garden every spring. It’s such a treat!  Of course, there was a lot of work initially to establish the asparagus, but that’s another story plus an asparagus recipe you may want to read about here.  Anyway, we’ve enjoyed some beautiful days and serene evenings on the farm this week.  Here’s a little of what we saw.

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