. sweet, the confession .

sonja benskin mesher

there is  a need to pace about, wave the paper, move the arms. need to pause and       counter act. if this reading thing                      will work.   maybe moving eliminates the standing .

pause a while to correct the mistakes, remove the titles that are not needed. launch into space, with ideas which defy all religion.

googling I read that  a perfect              sonnet rules.  if according to terms ,           conditions. you think so;   if you have gone     and done it properly. I understand this                 situation. yet some  like free form  verse.

wander into town while your back hurts edging into breaking. meet the one who instigates recycling for its sake and others.   suggested the items, collects and delivers.   meanwhile he eats the offered sweet and confesses there are more …



daily post : pause

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