What’s The Syrian Endgame?

In Saner Thought

For many years I have been asking just what was the policy endgame for Syria.

Anyone that is a regular follower of IST will know that I have been questioning the US approach to the situation in Syria since the very beginning…..and now people are listening……

We know that we are arming rebels but no one is sure who of these groups is on the side of the world….plus we have been told the “Assad must go” and yet how will that be accomplished if he does not go willingly?

Obama was vague….Trump has been vague….but after the airstrike on Syria there is a bit more clarity…..

Seeking support from abroad, the U.S. struggled Monday to explain a hazy Syria strategy that has yet to clarify key questions: whether President Bashar Assad must go, how displaced Syrians will be protected and when America might feel compelled to take further action.

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