What if…

writing in north norfolk

I play chicken
with Jupiter

I might end up
in the teeth of a howling gale

legs straight
arms stretched
leaning into cosmic wind

lightning flashes
among ammonia clouds

my hands
clamped over my ears
at each rumble of thunder

we might even
play hoopla
with Jupiter’s gossamer ring

Kim M. Russell, 14th April 2017

JupiterImage found on Pinterest

On Day 14 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we’re writing ‘What if…?’ poems.

Today’s task is to ask ourselves a ‘what if’ question — and to answer it. It might help to start off our poems with ‘What if…’ though we may decide to delete that part later on. It can be a personal ‘what if’ addressing what might have happened, or a hypothetical, scientific ‘what if’, but whatever we choose, the key to this task is to commit. We must follow the logic through wherever…

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