Jacksonville Antiwar Protester Beaten By Police as Trump Supporters Taunt and Chant – Color Of Change

United States Hypocrisy

The following email was sent out by ColorOfChange.org and re-posted here. This incident and the charges brought against the protester are demonstrative of the reality of the America we are increasingly living in, one in which dissent and opposition to war and violence are criminalized and met with violence and brutality.

Tell State Attorney Nelson:

Protect People Not Police!

Stand with JAX 5

Stand with #JAX5


Dear Caleb:

Freedom of speech is becoming even more of a crime under Trump’s reign. This weekend during an anti-Syrian war protest, a Trump supporter antagonized peaceful protesters, storming the speakers’ platform and physically assaulting them to start a fight. Instead of helping, four police officers tackled and brutalized the action organizer Connell Crooms, one of a few Black protesters present, and hit him so hard they knocked out his hearing aid. Bystander video footage shows officers beating him while he flailed helplessly and handcuffed on the…

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Pirulitos de açúcar queimado

Marta Felipe

Minha tia Rita morava em São Bento do Sapucaí localizado na Serra da Mantiqueira na divisa com o sul de Minas Gerais. Uma cidade pequena cheia de atrativos a começar pelo fogão á lenha, panela de ferro, água fresca, comida simples e muita prosa. Meus primos revendiam os famosos pirulitos de açúcar queimado e mel ou pirulito na tábua.
Era uma delicia sentir o aroma do tacho borbulhando no fogão e a tia Rita atenta para não perder o ponto do pirulito. Quando estava pronto para embalar, ela separava colheradas da goma e colocava em uma bacia com água para adiantar o processo e dividir com as crianças que ansiavam pelo doce.
Vamos ao que interessa…anotem.
Receita do Pirulito


• 1 kg de açúcar (cristal ou refinado)
• Suco de um limão pequeno
• 1 copo (de 200 ml) de água
• 100 ml de mel


• Papel…

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Christchurch, New Zealand


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.07.48 AM.png

Today Pegman takes us to Christchurch, New Zealand

Feel free to stroll around the area using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post.

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Drowning Dream

Poems and Petals

I am submerged in a freezing cold sea
With waves beating mercilessly
And tugging at my whole being
I am aware of my mother alongside me

Suddenly she starts to sink
I’m overcome with panic
I need to save her
I need to help
I need to rescue

I wake to a morning song
Of birds singing their happy tune
Relief washes over me
As the sun shines brightly

I will see my mother in a while
She is not dead but is well
For I spoke to her yesterday
And heard her quiet voice

A knock at the door pulls me out my reverie
Officers at my door
There was an accident
And I need to know
My mother is no more

In a split second I realise
Dreams are no longer dreams
And a nightmare is real

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The Truth About The U.S. War On Korea

United States Hypocrisy

It is looking more and more likely like the United States military is seriously considering the possibility of conducting a missile strike on North Korea, and the consequences of attacking a nuclear-armed regime determined not to be overrun by Western imperialism are not to be taken lightly. Those who underestimate the North ignore its own history at their own peril, as the Koreans have been preparing for the return of the American imperialists for more than half a century now. They have never allowed the memories of the terror inflicted upon their country during the American-Korean War to fade with time, as they lost more than 3.5 million people out of a population of about 9 million during that war.

With tough talk and veiled threats aimed at China, it’s clear that the U.S. has something destructive in store for North Korea. In the last week alone the U.S…

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Umami Burger: A focus on flavor with natural ingredients | The Japan Times

Umami is hardly a foreign concept in Japan. After all, this is the land where the so-called fifth taste was isolated, named and promptly marketed to the ou

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Chico Alencar ao 247: Temer deve renunciar | Brasil 24/7

Indignado com as bombásticas revelações da lista de Fachin, o deputado federal Chico Alencar (PSOL-RJ) afirma, nessa entrevista exclusiva ao 247 que as reformas em curso subiram no telhado: “O relator da reforma da Previdência e o relator da reforma política, como o relator da recuperação fiscal dos estados estão todos sob investigação! Como é que eles podem querer mexer em direitos dos trabalhadores”!? Ele prega renúncia ampla, geral e irrestrita: “O correto mesmo era todos renunciarem aos mandatos, encurtá-los, assim como presidente da República, governadores e deputados estaduais e a gente partir para eleições gerais no país”; leia a íntegra

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