Fluffy and sweet smelling


Well, she is now!
Anyone who owns a dog, especially an un-neutered bitch at ‘that time’, knows how whiffy they can get. We decided against having Maggie spayed as we wanted her to have puppies, but couldn’t find a nice Daddy when she was younger.
We have never had a problem with her being in season and kept her away from dogs when she was as we considered it unfair to them, so we left things as they were.
Although I’m not sure whether she’s having a mini season now at her age, whiffy was too genteel a word for her…… she honked!

Picture Feb 2014

In the past, we have secreted her down to the showers after 7pm for the deed, but today it was an outside bucket job.
Hubby filled it with warm water lathered with doggy shampoo and began. She was not impressed, trying to escape the…

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