The power of Bayes

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I was thinking over topics I had never written on, and one of the things that immediately sprung to mind was statistics. This may strike some as odd, since it lies at the heart of modern physics however there is a good and simple reason for this: myself and Mekhi don’t enjoy it as much. Given the broad reach of modern science, I think it is permissible to still say you love science whilst not enjoying an area of it, but in the interests of personal betterment we shall banish the elephant from the room.

In fairness todays topic is quite interesting – we will talk about Bayes Theorem, the work of Rev. Thomas Bayes, who died in 1761 of one of those generic illnesses people seemed to die of in times of poorer sanitation. Bayes Theorem initially seems like a probability tool – however it is much more than that, it gives…

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